Chapter Thirty Nine: Successful Implantation

***To anyone reading my blog who is struggling with Infertility: this is your trigger warning. I am not at all offended if you choose to stop reading. Take care of yourself in whatever way is right for you.*** Brendin and I are very happy to announce we have received our very first positive pregnancy test … Continue reading Chapter Thirty Nine: Successful Implantation

Canadian Infertility Awareness Week: 2018

It is currently infertility awareness week in Canada so I thought I’d do a post in honour of it. Canada doesn’t put out a theme for the week but our neighbors to the south do. Their theme this year is flip the script. So what’s the script we’re flipping? I’m sure most people will think … Continue reading Canadian Infertility Awareness Week: 2018

Chapter Thirty Eight: Here we go Again

Our Embryos from anonymous egg donation have finally arrived in Winnipeg and we are so happy to be able to now move on to the next steps in the process. It will take until May before my body is ready to receive the first embryo. First I had to be put on medication in order … Continue reading Chapter Thirty Eight: Here we go Again

A Guide for Friends and Family

I’ve decided to branch out from my sequential chapter style blog posts to do something different. This is more of an FYI post to help give some tips and answer some infertility etiquette questions. I’ve also included a glossary of basic medical terms and adoption language to help you feel confident when talking about infertility … Continue reading A Guide for Friends and Family

Chapter Thirty Seven: Special Delivery

So you thought waiting for that cool flying drone you ordered off Amazon was hard? We’ve  been waiting months just for a ‘ready for shipment’ status on our embryos. We’ve sent them hoards of money for payment and vials of sperm months ago for a custom creation. Our embryos are now FINALLY ready to ship. … Continue reading Chapter Thirty Seven: Special Delivery

Chapter Thirty Six: Active File

We now have an active file at Adoption Options! This means we have completed all necessary paperwork and scrutiny to become parents through adoption. Birth parents can walk into Adoption Options any day and choose us. Typically adoptive parents are picked when pregnancies are around the six month mark which gives about three months notice, … Continue reading Chapter Thirty Six: Active File

Chapter Thirty Five: Winding Up

Today I underwent a saline sonohysterogram in preparation for more frozen embryo transfers this year. The international IVF program we signed up for requires this procedure to be done before undergoing embryo transfers. Basically, the doctor pushed a bunch of salt water up into my uterus, but instead of using my uterus like a weapon … Continue reading Chapter Thirty Five: Winding Up