Chapter Twenty Two: Twin Appointments

We found out that the IVF cycle my sister was supposed to be a part of in early June was overbooked. Our two unideal options left were to do another egg donation immediately, or wait until September. We ended up cancelling or rearranging almost everything planned for the next two weeks (dentist, babysitting, family trip to Duluth etc) for the immediate cycle. My sister trecked into the city with her daughter a couple days later for the first ultrasound. Her appointment went well with no big black blobs on the ultrasound screen. About eight hours later, (longer than we had expected to wait) we were given the go ahead from blood-work to start the first medication injections. My sister still had a four hour drive ahead of her and a deadline of 9PM to be home for the injection. Believe me; this is not something you want to do pulled over on the side of the road. Our cheat sheet instructions are a full page and involve precise measuring with syringes and dials, mixing multiple vials and changing needles … all while keeping everything sterile. 

This also happened to be the same morning of my uterine lining scratching and biopsies: An ERA (endometrial receptivity assay), and a regular pathology biopsy. The procedure is twofold by 1) inducing an inflammatory response helping create a more enriched uterine lining next month, and 2) gathering data about medication protocol tweaks for subsequent transfers. I was somewhat surprised at how it went. I was expecting 10 seconds of burning hell, but it was more like a minute of jabbing menstrual cramps. Not fun of course, but not as terrible as it sounds to have your insides scraped up. The doctor commented at how tough I was which made me proud. 

In a few more days, my sister will be back in the city with both kids in tow and our aunt who has dropped a planned hiking trip to help entertain them. I’m so thankful and blessed to have family helping in whatever ways they can. In a couple weeks we will likely be harvesting another batch of eggs and turning them into embryos

My niece Beatrix and I on the swing at Assinaboine Park
My sister Rosalie and her daughter Beatrix climbing the ropes at Assinaboine park
Beatrix and I sitting in the big chair just outside the park
Beatrix playing in our backyard

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