Chapter Twenty Four: Adding to the Freezer

Alongside the two embryos we  still have in the fertility freezer from December 2016’s IVF, are 3 more embryos (all grade B). These new embryos are the result of retrieving 8 more eggs from my sister, Rosalie. It has been an especially nerve wracking and heart-wrenching few weeks as the follicles(eggs) grew in my sister’s ovaries, and then afterward, as embryos in the lab.

This is our final egg retrieval from my sister. If none of the embryos produce children, we will be moving on with a different plan to expand our family. The new path will likely be adoption. Pregnancy is a dangerous but miraculous right of passage for many women. Mothers often swap horror stories as well as fond memories of it; and I would like to find out first hand what it’s truly like. These embryos are my last chances to experience it for myself. I am anxious and sad to think about missing out on the adventure.

My body is currently preparing for another embryo transfer which should happen near the end of May. We are going to keep transferring the embryos in singleton. Since we have only 5 more chances, we want each chance to have the highest success rate possible, even if it takes us longer. We had been planning to double up the embryos, but the limited number and lower quality of our remaining embryos have made us rethink our strategy. 5 more physically and emotionally draining frozen embryo transfers are in our future, along with more endometrial scratches, self pity and tubs of ice cream. Please forgive my negativity and mood swings – menopause, high progesterone and infertility can do that to a person.

Rosalie and Tristan before the egg retrieval
Me and Hubby in the Heartland waiting room waiting for eggs



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