A Guide for Friends and Family

I’ve decided to branch out from my sequential chapter style blog posts to do something different. This is more of an FYI post to help give some tips and answer some infertility etiquette questions. I’ve also included a glossary of basic medical terms and adoption language to help you feel confident when talking about infertility … Continue reading A Guide for Friends and Family


Chapter Thirty Six: Active File

We now have an active file at Adoption Options! This means we have completed all necessary paperwork and scrutiny to become parents through adoption. Birth parents can walk into Adoption Options any day and choose us. Typically adoptive parents are picked when pregnancies are around the six month mark which gives about three months notice, … Continue reading Chapter Thirty Six: Active File

Chapter Thirty Five: Winding Up

Today I underwent a saline sonohysterogram in preparation for more frozen embryo transfers this year. The international IVF program we signed up for requires this procedure to be done before undergoing embryo transfers. Basically, the doctor pushed a bunch of salt water up into my uterus, but instead of using my uterus like a weapon … Continue reading Chapter Thirty Five: Winding Up

Chapter Thirty Four: Menopause and Mistletoe

Christmas is a holiday focused on what makes life truly worth living - Love, Peace and Joy. For many people those words conjure up images of spending time with family. Commercials take advantage of that, tugging at your heartstrings with children in footie pajamas tiptoeing downstairs with wide eyes. Sometimes they show new mothers rocking … Continue reading Chapter Thirty Four: Menopause and Mistletoe

Chapter Thirty Three: Jump-start of Hope

We’ve picked a new egg donor and I’m really happy about who we’ve chosen. I don’t know her name or even what country she lives in but she has given me a rejuvenation of hope and I am grateful to her. She’s quite young with beautiful green eyes, a lovely smile and a bachelor’s degree. … Continue reading Chapter Thirty Three: Jump-start of Hope

Chapter Thirty Two: Body Break

Well, it’s pretty clear that lately I haven’t been “keeping fit and having fun” like those terrible lifestyle commercials from the 90's. The next few months are my chance to regain a bit of healthy balance and I’m actually really looking forward to starting up exercising again. I never thought I’d ever be saying that … Continue reading Chapter Thirty Two: Body Break

Chapter Thirty One: Falling Far From The Tree? 

I wonder if my child will take after me - like the old phrase about apples falling close to the tree. Does it only apply in reference to genetic children? The last embryo with genetic ties to me (made using eggs donated by my sister) has now been transferred from the lab to my body. … Continue reading Chapter Thirty One: Falling Far From The Tree?