Chapter Twenty Five: Stuck in the Infertility Flowchart

You know the charts I mean, where each step is a box and you follow the arrows to the next box? This flowchart is supposed to end with pregnancy.  At first my wait was exciting; thinking I could be pregnant in just a few months. Then it turned to frustration waiting to see if I … Continue reading Chapter Twenty Five: Stuck in the Infertility Flowchart


Chapter Twenty Four: Adding to the Freezer

Alongside the two embryos we  still have in the fertility freezer from December 2016's IVF, are 3 more embryos (all grade B). These new embryos are the result of retrieving 8 more eggs from my sister, Rosalie. It has been an especially nerve wracking and heart-wrenching few weeks as the follicles(eggs) grew in my sister's … Continue reading Chapter Twenty Four: Adding to the Freezer

Chapter Twenty Three: Musings On Motherhood

I wonder when you can legitimately be called a Mother. The obvious answer is when you have a child, but is that all there is to it?  Some parents never conceive, choosing adoption to expand their family. Some parents lose children to accidents or disorders, yet I still think they are Moms and Dads after … Continue reading Chapter Twenty Three: Musings On Motherhood

Chapter Twenty Two: Twin Appointments

We found out that the IVF cycle my sister was supposed to be a part of in early June was overbooked. Our two unideal options left were to do another egg donation immediately, or wait until September. We ended up cancelling or rearranging almost everything planned for the next two weeks (dentist, babysitting, family trip … Continue reading Chapter Twenty Two: Twin Appointments

Chapter Twenty One: Another Coin Toss

This month's frozen embryo transfer also failed. It's easy enough to flip a coin and get tails twice I guess, but this frigging coin is starting to feel rigged. The flips are high stakes: we have inputted an average of 4 months of time - one month of which is my body feeling absolutely shitty, … Continue reading Chapter Twenty One: Another Coin Toss

Chapter Twenty: Try Try Again

I am into my third month of hormones and ultrasounds for an embryo transfer. The first month was cancelled due to unexplained bleeding and the second month's embryo failed to properly implant. This month's try was threatened with being cancelled due to sickness, but I ended up feeling better by the transfer date so we … Continue reading Chapter Twenty: Try Try Again

Chapter Nineteen: Silver Linings

There is always something positive that can be found even in a negative situation. It's one of those sayings that is easy to say, yet much more difficult to live. I've been trying to implement this strategy in order to keep my sanity over the past 3 years (sometimes poorly and other times quite well), … Continue reading Chapter Nineteen: Silver Linings